The Sisters of Mercy FAQs

Historical FAQs

  • The Complete Sisters of Mercy Song List v2.0 (1997)
  • The Sisters of Mercy Mailing List FAQ v6.3 (1995)
  • The Sisters of Mercy Discography (1995)
  • I. Official UK releases
  • II. Official non-UK releases
  • III. Side projects, Merciful Releases, covers of Sisters songs
  • IV. Live bootlegs
  • V. Bootlegs of studio material, videos
  • Appendix A. Performances
  • Appendix B. List of lists (aka train-spotting for beginners)
  • Appendix C. Books, fanzines, magazine appearances
  • Credits
  • All of these were done by Dominitoes for Dominion.

    More recent FAQs (external links)

  • Official FAQ (of the boring kind)
  • Official FAQ (of the slightly less boring kind)
  • TSOM Tours webzine mini-FAQ

    There is also the "The Sisters of Mercy FAQ" project to have a comprehensive, easy-to-read and up-to-date FAQ dedicated to the intellectual love gods we all know and love, but it's hybernating for more than a year now. If it ever awakens, the results will be here.

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